Naming MQTT RaspberryPis


Hello, I was wondering when it will be possible to change to names on the RaspberryPi MQTT?



Yes you can! Click you Pi device on the left side of the dashboard, then click the setting cog on the top right of the dashboard, then click configure, then click the edit pencil next to the name and it will save it.


Ok, I’ve been having problems with the online side of it. The app works great but the online side on the computer is very slow or legging a lot. Is there anything I can do to fix that.


can you provide more details on the issue you are facing.


Hello, the leg and slow problem appears to be mostly on Safari and Chrome if you click on add device or config etc. it take a few minutes to change to that screen , I’ve try it on Firefox and it appears to work better. the IOS app on iPhone works great.


this delay might be because of the loading time of the page due to the internet speed or as in your case with different browser.