No data in Cayenne from my Browan IAQ device?


I am just starting with TTN and bought a gateway (The Things Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway) together with a sensor (Browan IAQ air quality).
Via the The Things Stack web console I’ve configured the gateway and sensor device and I see data coming in.
Next step was forwarding this data to Cayenne but this I don’t seem to get it to work. I’ve added the Browan IAQ sensor to the Cayenne project and in de TTN console I have added the Cayenne integration (webhook). In Cayenne it is saying “waiting for live data…”
I have no idea what is going wrong. Is data coming in in Cayenne? Is the data correct or not?

I’ve tried several things and tried to find answers in this forum and internet but no succes.

Any idea how to troubleshoot this?

Thank you


The Devui is E8E1E100010ADEC8

can you share the deveui ?