No data in sensor dashboard

Repeating my Slack post here with additional data, as Slack #lorawan seems to be infrequently used.

I am trying to get my first sensor onto a Cayenne dashboard.

  • DevEUI : 70b3b514900e0132
  • LoRa Network used: Orbiwise
  • Device model and version: Heltec Capsule with BH1750 Lux sensor. Added to mydevices as a generic Cayenne LPP device. Data formatted for Lux and Analog Input (Battery voltage)
  • Cayenne account: my mdroberts1243 (free) account
  • Expected data to be displayed: Lux integer value and battery voltage with two decimal places

I seem to have a good looking InfoPush in the Events Log of the Orbiwise server:

POST => 200 ReqBody: {“confirmed”:true,“cr_used”:“4/5”,“dataFrame”:“AWUADwICAZ4=”,“data_format”:“base64”,“decrypted”:true,“devaddr”:3758722543,“deveui”:“70b3b514900e0132”,“device_redundancy”:1,“dr_used”:“SF8BW125”,“early”:false,“fcnt”:60,“freq”:912300000,“id”:1590212873728,“live”:true,“port”:2,“rssi”:-57,“session_id”:“3328b910-5490-49e9-a482-82b401fb10ee”,“sf_used”:8,“snr”:9,“time_on_air_ms”:113.152,“timestamp”:“2020-05-23T05:47:53.728Z”} RespBody:

But I don’t see data in the Cayenne screen for the device. Strangely, it did receive data at one point overnight and recorded a set of correct widget readings (see clipping image). But when you look at even 24 hours of data for the device, it is empty!

So I’m at a loss what is going wrong. It seemed to work at least once but didn’t record the data in the database!

UPDATE: The data started working out-of-the-blue. Thanks to whomever corrected the issue.

Now I just need to figure out why the battery voltage widget started displaying zero when the data log clearly shows a value close to 4.20 V as expected!

sir, can you check again?

Sorry, didn’t get a notification… I just checked and the battery widget is still zero, but the data table has correct values.

I’ve added another device with Orbiwise server (70b3b514900e0130) and those widgets seem to be working correctly.

I added a third device with The Things Network server (9876b6fffe105c61) and it seems to be dropping the first data channel LPP (temperature), but everything looks o.k. on the Things Network side.

The weird thing about the 0.0V Battery widget is if you look at the chart/details of the battery you get the correct results plotted, not 0.0V!

I don’t know why the TTN sensor (Temp and Humidity) has dropped channel 1 data… it seems to be correctly formatted with the LPP. Channel 2 data (humidity) is coming through on the dashboard widget and data table… both are missing the Temperature data.

UPDATE: Everything started working.

Glad to hear it is working now.

For the record… the Lux sensor went back to displaying 0.0 Analog Value for the battery voltage, but I’ve switched to the ‘line graph’ output in the widget which always works.

if you check your data tab, there is no value for lux, also i checked the backend and the payload is:

sensors":[{"channel":1,"type":"lum","unit":"lux","value":400,"name":"Luminosity (1)"},{"channel":2,"type":"lum","unit":"lux","value":0,"name":"Luminosity (2)"},{"channel":3,"type":"analog_sensor","unit":"null","value":4.11,"name":"Analog Input (3)"}]}

which shows no data value for lux channel 2. So check that your device is sending data for it.

Sorry for the confusion… I’m talking about the Channel 3 data in your email: {“channel”:3,“type”:“analog_sensor”,“unit”:“null”,“value”:4.11,“name”:"Analog Input (3)
That is the LiPo battery voltage (4.11 V) but the widget displays 0.00. Which is strange since I’m not producing a Channel 3!

My code looks like:

appDataSize = 8;
appData[0] = (uint8_t)0x01; // data channel one
appData[1] = (uint8_t)0x65; // illuminance sensor type. 1 lux resolution.
appData[2] = (uint8_t)(intLux>>8);
appData[3] = (uint8_t)intLux;
appData[4] = 0x02; // data channel two
appData[5] = 0x02; // two byte analog input type
appData[6] = (uint8_t)(batteryVoltage>>8);
appData[7] = (uint8_t)batteryVoltage;

The Lux value (Channel 1) has always displayed correctly.

Thanks, -mark.

on checking now, there is no channel 3, you might be sending it previously and have changed something now.

{"sensors":[{"channel":1,"type":"lum","unit":"lux","value":2466,"name":"Luminosity (1)"},{"channel":2,"type":"analog_sensor","unit":"null","value":3.93,"name":"Analog Input (2)"}]}

if channel is not needed, then you can remove it.

Maybe we are getting to the source of the problem… how do I edit the sensor settings at that level? ( I mean alter the text instead of using the web GUI to add the sensor)

i mean, you can delete the channel 3 widget as you are not sending any data to it now.

I was hoping to find the JSON you showed. I don’t have a channel 3 widget, just a channel 2 widget.

Here’s the sensors in the house so far… battery on Lux meter shows 0.00 in ‘Value’ mode.

can you delete those widgets and let them re-add on next publish (this will delete the history associate with this widget)