No live data shown in browser

Hello everyone,

I have problem with live data in cayenne - they are not showing up during work of device. Channels in project overview are detected and running:

Howewer, in the data tab, it is not possible to check any data from the device:

Execution of any query is impossible due to memory allocation error during attempt of execution:

Device connected to Cayenne is ESP32 DevkitC, I’d like to know what can be the cause of such issue.

can you add the widgets by clicking the + on top right corner.


Yes, I accepted widgets and data in tabs started to show. However, I still need to refresh site to see new data in live data tab and to see updates in other tabs related to data.

we are looking into the issue. will let you know when it is fixed.

@maciek.radz can you check now. it should be fixed.


It works just fine, thank you for your help.