Using GPIO4,14 and 15 for other things

1. Jessie)

2. What class/size SD card? (ex. class 10 16gb)


3. What Model Pi? (A+, A, B+, B, Pi2)



GPIO is set to 1-Wire
GPIO14/15 to UART
Cannot be used as a ‘gpio’

I have projects (simple, like just a push button on GPIO14 and 15 and an LED on GPIO4)
But this is also the case with many RaspberryPI projects as that is how the RPi Foundation write their Make/Learn/Teach help sheets.

Could you make it possibly to select 14/15 for use I know I can use them normally with UART enabled. Also GPIO4 to be used as well, have an option to disable 1-Wire auto detect or move it to another pin. I don’t mind reboots as I know how it’s defined when I used it via command line or python and that needs a reboot as far as I know. Though I don’t think having 1-wire support has stopped me from using it as a pin for other things when no 1-wire devices connected. Must check that.

Basically I’m guess I’m asking, allow full configuration of all the pins and setup as we use them.

@eptak Thoughts?

GPIO4 will be available as soon as we enable Raspberry P settings (I2C, SPI, 1-Wire).
Use of GPIO 14/15 for basic I/O may not be possible.

What is stopping them?
I can use them normally.
Though the ability to configure the UART might be time better spent?
I.e. I need to disable and set some thing up for reading from a Ublox GPS. Might see what it sees with the GPS attached. Something for the weekend.