Notification message formats

Where do I configure the notification message format for triggers? The example wording in the online Docs is different to what was automatically generated (the Docs message is better).

for a temperature sensor going above threshold.
SMS Text Message:
Sensor TMP36 reads 80 Fahrenheit. The alert is set to 80 Fanrenheit or higher. This is connected to Arduino Board

What I received:
SMS Text Message:
TMP36 has reach the threshold of 20C. This is connected to Arduino Board

The actual messages don’t say what the actual temperature is (which is really important). And the or higher statement is missing. If someone is getting lots of messages about lots of devices the clearer the message the better.

Also does the message only get sent once when it crosses the threshold or do there keep being sent until the alerts is no longer valid. If so how often. If no does a message get sent when it drops below the threshold?

Hi @scott2,

Currently the SMS notifications aren’t configurable, though we do have this feature on our roadmap for a future release. It’s possible that screenshot was from an earlier point in development when the messages looked like that, or that it was a mockup for development that was never exactly implemented. I 100% agree that it’s a more useful message.

As far as the message frequency, they are sent once when it crosses the threshold. We found during early development that if we had it the other way around, it would create an awful amount of notification spam. If you want a notification on crossing the threshold the other way, you can create another trigger rule that’s essentially an inverse of your original one to facilitate this.

The inverse trigger won’t work. I’d get exactly the same message when the temperature going above the threshold and when it goes below.
I’ll need to look for another solution or just write my own in webiopi.

This… is an excellent point that I’m embarrassed I didn’t consider. :open_mouth:

You’re right, we’ll need to make them more descriptive (or just release a feature to allow you to edit them, making it a moot point). It applies to the email notifications as well.

Any time frame on this. As another post regarding alerts from Feb 2016 said changes are coming in the coming months and that was a year and a half ago.

“me, too”

If it would simplify getting it implemented, I would be satisfied just getting the Name of my trigger included in the notification message.

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It would be great if the notification could show the trigger name instead of Channel dev:xfdsfsgfgfdg is turner on or off.
With more than one trigger it’s a bit difficult to know which message is for each one.

Thanks in advance.

you can use webhook and IFTTT for sending a custom message.

Oh, i missed the webhooks, that’s a great feature!!
Just configured it with a voipcheap account and now it talks like a gentlemen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion.

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great :star_struck:, once done with your project, share the project and IFTTT voip feature with community Projects Made with Cayenne - myDevices Cayenne Community

Any way to adjust the frequency of temperature alerts? Seems I get 1 per minute once the threshold is crossed and they continue until the temp returns to above/below the threshold.

My install monitors hot tub temp. I don’t need it every minute. :slightly_smiling_face:

have a look at this post Sending MQTT messages within notification limit