Notification that PI has stopped communicating

This should be quite simple to implement and really sits on the server rather than the PI.

It would be nice to have an email notification that the PI has not communicated with the Cayenne server for a pre-defined period of time. So if for instance the power has tripped on the circuit supplying the PI project, one could get a notification the same way as you can set up other notifications.

This should already be implemented. About once a day my Rpi texts me it’s offline then when it’s back online texts again. From Ios go to triggers and touch add then add “if” and select your Pi at the top then a drop down menu appears then choose your action "online/offline.
Select “then” add action then at bottom of page email and/or text fields are present.

web browser and android may vary on procedure but it’s basically the same procedure.

Great thinking @wmontg5988!

@edman would this work for your situation? Receiving an email immediately when the Pi goes offline…


Yes this should do the trick, I had not noticed the online/offline option before. I have set it up.

@bestes I have noticed that I only get offline text but not a back online text.It was working before.