Orchid/Plant Moisture Monitor

About This Project

This is a project that monitors the moisture of the medium for my orchids. Orchids can be tricky to grow since they are so picky about moisture levels. I wanted a way to could stay on top of their needs for water without over watering or underwatering. So I created a project that polls their moisture levels about every 60 seconds. Since I have started using this my orchid health has gone way up and they are much happier plants. I have a ESP8266 that controls the outlet for the grow light that turns on and off every day with the cayenne scheduler function. I plan on adding a LED that will pulsate when they fall below a certain level of water here soon for visual notification. I also have triggers setup for the orchids to notify me when they get too dry. Works really well. I’ve had to change out some of the probes due to corrosion so will prob upgrade to the corrosion-less probes soon or try making my own.

What’s Connected

Arduino Nano v3
6x moisture sensors

Connected thru dashboard project:
Temp/humidity provided by another Nano sending its data to a monitoring Mega
Grow light switch via ESP8266-12F (Wemos D1 Mini)

Triggers & Alerts

I have some triggers setup to alert me when the moisture level falls below 100.


I have it setup to turn on and off the grow light everyday via a ESP8266 controlling a outlet.

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project