Pi Model B Experiencing Intermittent Connectivity to Dash


1. What OS? Jessie
2. What class/size SD card? Class 10 16GB
3. What Model Pi? B

Issue: Intermittent Connectivity

Hello, all!

I’m relatively new to the Cayenne community, and I’m enjoying it so far! I have plans to throw together a weather station for my mother (she’s a data junky, and after she saw the dashboard and the graphical displays, this found its way onto my to-do list :sweat_smile:). I’ve just found time to get into this, so I’ve had my board up and running with no attachments for a few days to see how reliable the dash is on Android. Up until about an hour ago it was running extremely well, but I rebooted my Pi (I have a habit of cycling power on things that run continuously, and I’ve got it in my head that that’s a good thing. Don’t know if it helps, but it doesn’t seem to hurt! :+1:). Since then the Pi has been exhibiting a strange issue. It will “check in” extremely briefly roughly once a minute, throw some data to the widgets, and go offline again. The “Last known status” of the device is never more than a minute old. Also, I can’t use reboot commands or a simple LED actuator during the short time it is online without getting “Unreachable” in response.

Looking through past issues, the closest I’ve found to my problem was a Bug filed in early February which was resolved by a software update. There the issue seemed to be that the pi would be “bounced” between a couple of Cayenne servers. Seeing as the bug appears to have been fixed, I don’t know that this is the issue.

I DO know the pi isn’t locked up, because I’ve been ssh-ing into it to poke around for any problems, and it has been very responsive. That being said, I’m still a newbie to linux, so any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated!



Also, I’m now receiving “Server Error” any time I try to add a widget to the dashboard.


Hey @dchesson93,

Welcome to the Cayenne community! We’re glad you’re enjoying it so far. No worries about being a newbie, we all are at some point :slight_smile:

We do have a trouble shooting doc that @ats1080s created, feel free to check it out, maybe it will be of some use.

Specifically, the output of the commands from the trouble shooting doc will give us some insight into issues that might be occurring. We can move forward once you post the output! Thanks for working with us!



Thanks for the quick reply, and sorry for the slow reply to your reply! School and work kicked up a little earlier this week. I have some down time now, though, so I’m going to begin the troubleshooting you recommended and post the output here. It should be up sometime tonight, barring any difficulties.


The Pi has gone from dropping my ssh session every few minutes to being completely non-responsive, so as much as it annoys me, I think I’m going to do a clean install. I’ll update here after.


Sounds good, keep us updated!



Well, I spent quite some time wrestling with my wifi settings as I didn’t have a display handy (that seems to happen quite a bit to me, so I used my brain this go around and cloned the SD after getting it to work), but the clean install worked wonders! From looking around at some other issues and matching up some of the interesting behavior with the status lights, I believe it was most likely a corrupt SD.

Anyway, direct control of the GPIO works, adding widgets and events works, and data visualization is more consistent now. All good for the time being. I have to say, I am quite impressed with the responsiveness with this. I look forward to using Cayenne quite a bit in the future!

Thanks again!



Hi David,

This is such great news! I’m happy it was an SD card issue and that resolution was swift. If you create any projects, make sure to submit them in our Projects Made with Cayenne category. The entire Cayenne teams looks at each project.

Also, I’m going to move this topic to the Helped category, hope that’s okay with you. It helps me keep things organized :slight_smile:

See you around,