PiFace 2 support


Are there any plans for RaspberryPi support for Piface 2. ?


You could give this a try: PiFace Digital Not Supported Yet

Let me know how you make out with it. I didn’t make a project page on it since I didn’t receive any feedback on how it worked for others.


Sorry – that’s not exactly what I was looking for. (or maybe I just don’t understand it correctly)

I would like to use the RaspberrryPI and add the extension for the Piface2 (just as you would with the Piface1) and use the analog inputs for measuring temperature and current (Ampere meter) as well as using the output ports for controlling switches. (plug and play)

Are there any plans for creating a Piface2 extension? (to be added via Device/Extension/GPIO port/Piface II)


As far as I know the PiFace does not have an ADC. Unfortunately there is no official Pi agent support for the 2 so what I posted is the only option for now (unless you code your own through the MQTT API).