PiFace Digital Not Supported Yet


1. Is this related to iOS or the online dashboard?


2. Please describe the issue you are experiencing in as much detail so we can quickly resolve.

First of all, thank you for all of your hard work on this project. It looks very promising!

I have come across one issue. I’ve tried to install PiFace Digital as a new device and have been unsuccessful. I have verified that I can operate the device directly from my Pi (Model B with raspbian wheezy). I see on the Dashboard under “Configure Raspberry Pi” that SPI appears to be off. My attempts to change it doesn’t “stick”.

Thanks again,


Hey Jim,

We are still working out some kinks with PiFace Digital, it’s not supported (yet). As of right now, the Settings is a read-only. So, working on that too. But really when you install our agent we should automatically enable SPI…Let me send this to our QA team to test that we do.

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PiFace (1 & 2) should be supported, we need to double-check.
SPI setting view is not relevant yet, but SPI is supposed to be enabled when installing Cayenne.


Has the PiFace been enabled yet?


Not yet, we’re going through testing now, so soon!

Bug Filed on 04-04-2016: PiFace Digital not adding to dashboard

Perfect I have a bunch I would like to use and they are nice and easy for development and proof of concept


Any news on this?


Question for anyone looking for Cayenne support…is this the PiFace you are using? I’ll order one tonight and make up a MQTT solution when it comes in.


Yep - that’s the one


Cool. It won’t be as easy as adding an extension but I’ll have the code laid out in an easy to modify fashion.


Super - looking forward to.
Thanks a lot.


I got it ordered last night, says it should be here Thursday.


Got the pi face in today, hopefully I’ll get some time tomorrow night to play with it for a bit.


Great - Let me know if you want me to assist in some user testing.


An update for you, I read about how it works over the weekend and got it working with the python library so I just need to think about the best way to get it working with cayenne and integrate mqtt with it


Cool - looking forward to test :slight_smile:


Do you have any code that works with interrupts? I’m using the code below but get the error AttributeError: 'PiFaceDigital' object has no attribute 'InputEventListener'

import pifacedigitalio
def toggle_led0(event):
pifacedigitalio = pifacedigitalio.PiFaceDigital()
listener = pifacedigitalio.InputEventListener(chip=pifacedigital)
for i in range(4):
    listener.register(i, pifacedigitalio.IODIR_FALLING_EDGE, toggle_led0)


Unfortunately NO - I only use Cayenne out of the box devices/widgets.


Hmm, ok. I’ll skip the buttons for now then. What exactly are you using on the PiFace? I have most of it done now.


I’m only using it for digital input output (controlling IO) and also adding several DS18B20 sensors.
Controlling the two relays, reading status of the mini switches.