PiFace 2 support again

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    First, thanks for your efforts. Cayenne is so close to the perfect tool for what I have to do.

Unfortunately, like many others, I’m trying to add an instance of a PiFace 2 extension added and don’t ever see usable widget appear after adding. I’ve seen several similar bugs reported, but they are a year old in some cases. It seems like a known issue for one of the most popular Raspberry Pi board around. Any word on when this is going to get properly supported?

The PiFace 2 uses the MCP23S17
16 port I/O expander chip…
on the SPI bus-
and that chip is fully supported in Cayenne.
Located under “Add New/Device Widget/Extentions/GPIO Port”

Easy Peasey!

please- let me know how that works out for you- :slight_smile:


Awesome! Works like a charm