Problem sending command: Invalid UbiQ DASS URL

What does it mean - error message

Problem sending command: Invalid UbiQ DASS URL

when trying to sent downlink from dashboard of LoRa custom device connected via Orbiwise?
I’m using Digital output widget.

can you share a screenshot of the error on the dashboard.

which Network server have you connected to?

By the way, i’m receiving uplinks from it correctly…

have you selected orbiwise NS while adding the device and filled in all the details?

Yes, I’ve selected Add New Device → LoRa - > Orbiwise → Cayenne LPP, entered orbiwise server mentioned above and my credential for it…

can you PM me your email_id.

you need to add the fqdn URL eg:

Thank you so much - that helped, i’m very grateful for Your collaboration.

Would You be so kind to explain one more thing - is it necessary to use MQTT for lora device or Cayenne LPP is enough?

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you can read about cayenne LPP here Cayenne Docs