Cant install cayenne software on a new Raspberry Pi 4 model B

I attempted to install cayenne on a Raspberry Pi 4 with the following 2 commands that appear in a video describing the installation process:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ wget
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo sh

The wget commanded generated the following error message:
–2020-09-12 18:50:38--
Resolving (… failed: Name or service not known.
wget: unable to resolve host address ˜

I think I typed in the commands correctly. Does anybody have an idea what the problem might be ?

Any help will be appreciated


                    Jerry Hoffman

from where did you get this link?

Follow this steps Cayenne Docs

I followed the link you suggested. When I looked at the first video displayed on that page I realized that was video I originally went to and that video contains the 2 lines that I entered that did not work. Going further down the page, I found another video that says it is to be used on a Raspberry Pi and I entered the first line in the video (wget Unfortunately that results in an error message “HTTP request sent, awaiting response …ERROR 404 Not Found”. Did I type in the wrong thing or has the file been moved ? Thanks Jerry Hoffman

can you share a screenshot of the error on the terminal.

Actually I’ve gotten a little further along. I found an old entry from the Cayenne Community that
had the same problem. It suggested you work on the Dashboard and try to add a new device (the raspberry pi) from there. This gets to a screen that generates (2) unique lines to run on the Pi.
I did this and as this old entry said it causes a new Raspberry Pi to appear on the Dashboard.

Unfortunately the name looks different than the other names on the Dashboard (it has diagonal lines
going through it) and when I left mouse click on it it displays the video showing how to do the installation unlike the other devices that show the Dashboard. It appears either the installation never really started or never finished.

Jerry Hoffman

i am not sure whether you followed the docs properly as it quite simple to add a device to cayenne. Can you try these steps without looking:-

On your cayenne dashboard click on

  1. add new
  2. Device/Widget
  3. Raspberry Pi.
  4. Copy the command and paste it in your raspberry pi terminal.

I executed the commands again and observed the same results.
In the top picture you can see “Raspberry Pi” added to the list of devices on the left
but the name has those diagonal lines I mentioned and when I click on the device
it shows the stuff you see and not the Dashboard. When I pressed the “Remove”
button at the right botton of the screen, I the message “Are you sure
you want to remove this pending device?”

I’m thinking of trying the process again on another PC or my iPhone just to eliminate
the possability that my PC is somehow causing the problem.

Thanks for your help so far. I really appreciate it.

Jerry Hoffman

I just completed the installation using an iPad and went perfectly.
I guess somehow it is my pc but at least I can start using the Pi I
ve just installed.

          Thanks for all your help

          Jerry Hoffman

Glad to hear it is working now.