Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0

@svein.utne the raspberry agent starts on boot everytime, you dont need to do anything.

I think I do.
If I have the dashboard up on the PC, the PI is shown as offline until I run the python3 file.
To be absolutly correct, it does not start at boot. I need to login by Vnc, and when I push the terminal Icon, then it runs the file and then the dasboard comes alive.

okay, sorry, you are using MQTT python, so have a look at this approach by @adam DHT11/DHT22 with Raspberry Pi

When will the limitations work again?

Cannot give an ETA, but the team is working on it and will be out soon.

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Hi team, I hope you are very well, about this issue, do you have any update about the limitations ?

Thanks in advance, have a great week.

hi @israelmx, team is working on the limitations, cant give an ETA .

Mi proyecto esta parado ya que controlo un acuario y el programador es vital, es una lastima tener que buscar una alternativa a Cayenne.

Hi @juan_krlos653, what specific limitation is keeping you from continuing your project?

el no poder programar el encendido y apagado de los reles a unas horas determinadas

@juan_krlos653 can you provide more details about it. which sensor you are using and screenshot of the dashboard? and what problem you are facing with the relay?

@shramik_salgaonkar I think it is talking about the our scheduling feature, which is limited in Cayenne with the new agent. Is there a way he can get it working with a sketch?

@juan_krlos653 yes, we are working on bringing these features back. However, they take some time, there is many more things we are bringing to the platform.

if using arduino, sure we can work out something but on agent i dont think so. he has to wait for the update.

Adjunto una foto del problema y de parte del cuadro que uso

@juan_krlos653 scheduling is currently not supported on agent 2.0. have a look at this Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0 - #2. which agent version are you using?

Actualice a la ultima versión hace unos dias, es cuando he tenido los problemas.
se puede volver a la versión anterior hasta que se solucione el problema?

how did you get that box for event. i get a different kind. i dont have the option for turn ON, only reboot and shutdown

yo también pero aunque de la opción de encender no deja crearlo

No, the previous version is deprecated, and starting July 1st, no one with the previous version will be able to connect their devices up until they upgrade the agent.

The new agent brings the MQTT standard and we will extend it further, so it is the way forward. We are deprecating the old agent because it create a numerous issues in our servers, so it is difficult to continue support. So please understand it is not just that we don’t want to leave it available. Deprecating this agent will allow us to devote more time to further enhance the new agent and improve Cayenne with other features.

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Si es comprensible pero realizar el cambio de un agente a otro y perder la utilidad del proyecto durante un tiempo indeterminado es una faena para los usuarios como yo que confían y están agradecidos a ustedes por la facilidad y el uso que nos da la plataforma