Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0


there is no update on this. you can try this method https://eltechs.com/3-ways-to-run-a-remote-desktop-on-raspberry-pi/


any deadline for when pca9685 can be add for Rpi3 ?


We are working on it, can’t give an ETA.


Any idea when a-d converters will start working again?


No ETA, but you can use the BYOT widgets. That will require manually programming to do what you want it to do though.


I want it to read some voltages from a 12/24v solar power system via a MCP3208 a-d converter… It was running ok before the agent upgrade.


currently we dont have an ETA for extension. You can add it using http://robsraspberrypi.blogspot.com/2016/01/raspberry-pi-adding-analogue-inputs.html and then send the value to cayenne using https://github.com/myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Python



  • Extensions, Analog and PWM sensors/actuators are not available

Is there an update related to the restriction?


all the limitation of raspberry pi will fixed by end of the year or begning of next year.




Hi. Any updates on enabling the remote access feature again?


No update yet.


ok. thanks. hopefully the feature will be available again soon. the previous version was a key component to maintenance of the underlying devices and periphery.


Team is working hard and we have many updates coming in the end of this year.


Hi Team
Also interested in the remote access feature as this was the only way to access my PI remotely and used it on a daily basis, as all other methods require a download which i am unable to do.
It would be excellent to get it back again.



Hi @carlreeves01

Unfortunately, that specific feature won’t make a return in the foreseeable future. However, we may revisit that feature availability sometime next year.


Thanks for the reply
Gee that’s a shame, look forward to some good news in the hopefully not to distant future.


Hi. When will the limitations work again? Thanks.


which specific limitation are you referring to?


Remote Desktop, Data History for system sensors and mobile app limitatitions. Thanks.