Reboot scheduled in event

Hi to every one, to restore the connection with the platform (I’m using arduino uno + esp8266) i have to reset arduino manually, everything works. I discovered in the scheduler the opportunity to set a reboot action on arduino.
It doesn’t work, while putting an sms i receive the message. so apparently the event is processed but arduino is not rebooted (at list it was my expectation)
Anyone might help me in understanding this type of function?
thanks in adavnce

This must be a bug, I don’t get the option of resetting as a trigger. You can read through this thread for directions on resetting an Arduino.

Tagging @rsiegel to see if he has any ideas why you even have that option.

@adam thanks for the answer and for the link.
i attach the screenshot to better clarify, what does it mean this option?

in my low understanding I immagine a reboot…
@rsiegel any suggestion?


Ah you’re in scheduling, I thought you were talking about triggers. Yes I have that option there too, it should not be there.

does it works that option?

No, that will not reset your Arduino.

Hi @askfus, – what @adam wrote is 100% spot on here. The ‘Reboot’, and ‘Shutdown’ actions are intended for Raspberry Pi devices which have an OS where we can trigger reboots and shutdowns. They shouldn’t be exposed when you select an Arduino device like that.

If you do want to programmatically reboot your Arduino, this page has some options on how to do that – I haven’t tried them myself but see no reason why they wouldn’t work, and these could be called from Cayenne’s scheduler/triggers features.

I check this statement and indeed the screen is showing that you can reboot the arduino, but it does not work.
I will try to help @askfus to manage the reboot in other way!

Thanks, I’m sure the Reboot action being available for Arduino is a bug and it wasn’t intended to be seen in the UI outside of Raspberry Pi devices. I’m happy to help test/implement the alternate reboot instructions I posted as well.

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Hello, the needs to rebooting arduino is driven by some lost connection that happen during the day. I changed the power adapter (I’m using arduino uno + esp8266) with 1,5A current. The previous was 500mA. Now it’s seems more stable, probably the problem was related to esp8266 absorbion, more than 300mA.


Thank you for updating us! :slight_smile: