Release Notes April 4, 2017


Release Notes April 4, 2017

Web Dashboard Update

Dashboard Bug Fixes

  • BMP180 widget no longer breaks when changing the widget type or unit settings

  • New trigger creation page now has Save/Cancel buttons when accessed through Project view

  • Adding widgets to offline devices could create broken or ‘unreachable’ widgets. Now the device must be online to add a widget to it.

  • Hid ‘Remove’ button from default Raspberry Pi widgets. If you prefer not to see these widgets, you can create a new project and not drag them in.

  • Resolved an issue where the ‘Last Data Packet Sent’ time would display incorrectly after a browser refresh

  • Download Chart Data button is now available for ‘Live’ and ‘Custom’ sensor history graph views.

MQTT/Bring Your own Thing

  • Several server changes to improve the stability and performance of MQTT-connected devices.

  • User can now request an email with customized instructions to assist with adding their device via BYOT API


  • New LoRa network added: Kerlink

  • Resolved several missing widget bugs when adding Ascoel Door Sensor device

  • Resolved ‘conflict’ error that could be seen when adding devices on Senet network.

  • Corrected an issue with environmental options not displaying on Actility devices.

GPS/Asset Tracking

  • Greatly improved browser performance when many GPS map points are present.

  • Asset Tracking is now hidden for accounts with no LoRa devices added. Will be unhidden as more device types get support for Asset Tracking.

  • Corrected an issue where a device with null GPS data could display incorrectly at a zero point in the ocean.

Raspberry Pi

  • Fixed an issue with Raspberry Pi agent log rotation where log files could become very large, consuming disk space.

  • Corrected issue where RAM usage was being calculated incorrectly in the default RAM widget

  • Resolved issue where accounts created after Feb 14 server update did connect for Remote Access feature

  • Additional agent improvements to reduce RAM usage and log file size.

IoT Ready Program

  • Minor fixes to IoT Ready device submission forms


  • Corrected some minor typos in Web UI

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