Release Notes May 4, 2017 (iOS App Update)


Release Notes May 4, 2017

iOS App version 2.1.0

iOS App Fixes/Enhancements

  • Fixed a crash that could occur while installing a new Pi

  • Fixed a crash while adding a custom widget to an MQTT device through Project view

  • Now you can view a path line in LoRa map widgets, in addition to previous and current location data points

  • Refreshing device list has been improved to update more data in the refresh action

  • Fixes for data history minute/hour views

  • Corrected a bug where LoRa device widgets could lose settings on an app restart

  • Resolved issue with loading full list of device options in first device experience

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur while the app was receiving GPS location history

  • Pending Arduinos now display properly if they are the only device on the account.

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