Remote IoT on Battery

ESP-12f right now. I can try a 12e later but it’s the same thing with a different antenna.

I have some exciting news! You don’t need to read with the ADC to get your battery voltage. All you need to do it add at the top of your sketch (under #includes) ADC_MODE(ADC_VCC); then to read your VCC voltage use ESP.getVcc();

I’m still interested in your results with the ADC though.

I wasn’t able to get that working though. Did you?

Works fine for me. Tried on 2 ESP-12f’s and both are reporting voltages within 0.1 v of my multimeter.

If after the up stream (say solar charged 12 volt battery as I have) Replace the pot idea with a few good quality fixed 10k or 100k resistors in say a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio etc ? Then it is pretty simple math to recalc the voltage ?
~ Andrew