Removing TTN device from dashboard


Hi all, nice to have Cayenne as integration partner who is interested in collaborating with TTN on which we have serveral nodes running. It is nice to have a ‘drag and drop’ visualisiation instead of dry code …

I was trying to add a Cayenne LPP device into my dashboard with no luck, but now I am stuck. This is what shows up in the dashboard and there is no way to remove the ‘device’ as I could do with other devices.

“Your dashboard appears when Cayenne receives data from this device. Set up your device to transmit more frequently to speed up the process.”

How can I proceed to remove this device permanently from my panel and try it over again ?


Hi @debbaut.wim

Just to confirm, have you followed the normal process of removing a device and were not successful? See screenshot:

If that is not working try clearing your browser cache and trying again. Once we get this settled we can troubleshoot the issues you are having using Cayenne LPP!



LoRa ( Actility )

That has done the job Camrin !

simply by reducing the size of my browser’s screen and clearing its cache I
was able to see the ‘configure’ button and remove the device.

sorry for interrupting with this minor issue and tnx for the prompt service.


Not an interruption :slight_smile: Carry on!

Also keep us updated with your progress using Cayenne w/ TTN. It’s a new integration so we’re excited to realize the possibilities! Would love to see you post a project to our “Projects Made with Cayenne” category if you have time.

See you around!