Salami cellar

I have basement under ground for fruit, potatoes, cheese, salami, … It is decided in 2. place. One for salami and cheese and other for all other.
For salami and cheese I need to have precise temperature and humidity. Of course you need also to ventilation from time to time.
At first time I plan to use ARDUINO UNO. Sensor for temp. and hum. I use SHT31. This is precise and low-cost sensor, and use 5. relay for output.

  1. climate
  2. oven
  3. humidifier
  4. dehumidifier
  5. ventilation
    But I problem, that cayenne API take almost all memory?!?!?! Then I decide to use use arduino for logic, sensors and output. Then I use in other room ESP8266. I have for now 2. relay output for ventilation, and connected to cayenne server. With arduino in other room is connected via UART.

Program for communication work like this. All settings are saved in eeprom in case of communication failure. Every 20 second send settings to ESP and ESP to cayenne. What ESP receive from server is send back to arduino and arduino save it in eeprom. Like this I’m sure, that if something go wrong arduino have valid data.

I didn’t put it on basement, because I wont to test if few days and improve logic. Like if I need to cooling room and outdoor temperature is lower I simple use ventilation,…
All suggestion is wellcome!

I’d like to have also possibility on cayenne to enter value not to set with slider.

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thank you for sharing this. It will great if you can share a step by step procedure on how to do this with the code.

Yes sure
For now is everything on test on my table. I need first to finish and clean code before publish. I’m busy at this period but I will finish it in week or two. All comment to make better work process are wellcome