Scheduling & Trigger creation


Hi There,

Not sure if anyone else is having these issues, but am very keen for some help. I am using a few ESP8266 and 2 RPi for home automation, my issues:

  1. While creating a trigger, the save button is not showing up all the time(web and android). Sometimes it works and sometimes there is no way to create a trigger. Even at times after updating a trigger I am not being able to save the trigger. Finally when I manage to create the triggers, it not working all the time :cry:

  2. Scheduling working inconsistently, out of 3 scheduling only the first would work and the others wont. I recreated the switches however it doesn’t work like before anymore. Tried using web and android, however its the same. Is it a limitation of ESP8266 ?


Missing Save/Cancel Button to Triger Section

Hi @soubir

Number 2 is not a limitation of the ESP8266, it’s a bug that got introduced in the last week with our doing a major overhaul to our back end architecture. We’re well aware of it, its one of two top priority bugs from that overhaul to get fixed at the moment. It basically affects any Arduino scheduling, and since ESP8266 is seen by our system as an Arduino, it affects it too. Raspberry Pi scheduling should be unaffected. So hang tight, it will get better.

For number one, I have more questions than answers: I can’t ever say I’ve seen the Save button go missing (and you see this on both Web and Android?). I was going to ask you to try a different browser in case something was blocking it, but you can’t very well do this in regards to the Android app. I know the iOS app will grey out the Save button until you’ve filled out all the fields, but that doesn’t sound like your issue here. Maybe next time it occurs (on either device), you could share a screenshot? I think a picture might be worth 1,000 words in this case :slight_smile:


Hi @rsiegel,

Regarding creating triggers, what I found was , if I go to the project page that I have created for all the devices and go to the triggers section from there, the save button wouldn’t appear, however , if I go to the individual device and click on the setting button to go to the trigger section, then the save button would appear. But I can’ explain why I couldn’t find the save button on my android, there were a couple of times that it was not allowing me to save it.

Here is a screenshot of my webpage with the save button missing.

Hope this helps.



Hi @rsiegel,

the Save-Button only appears at the second time. You can follow these steps to reproduce:

  1. Select your project
  2. Select “Triggers & Alerts” inside the project view
  3. Press the edit button of your trigger (-> Save button not appears)
  4. Press “My Triggers” button
  5. Press the edit button of your trigger again (-> Save button appears)

I use this procedure as workaround until the error is fixed.


Hi @rsiegel,

Any updates on the fix to the scheduling issue on arduino?



I don’t at this time, sorry. Much of our team is in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress so I’m not expecting anything this week. I’ll be sure to update as soon as I know more.


@rau, thank you for the detailed steps. I can now reproduce this – the first step towards getting it eventually fixed.

It looks like if you access your Triggers list from Add New > Triggers > My Triggers that will work around the issue as well. It looks to be related to opening the triggers section from within a project view.


Saw some great posts on Facebook from the Mobile Congress for Cayenne


Yeah. It was a really successful (and very tiring :wink: ) conference for us. We were especially active in the LoRa space. Was interesting to view other platforms and see what they were working on and their approach to solving the complexity of ‘IoT’.