Server down


For at least the last two hours mobile app reports server error, and no devices and projects are visible. Same issue is in web dashboard…


Seems to be working for me. Maybe try a reboot of your devices?


Thanks, that’s info I needed…
I was hoping that I have error, but I needed confirmation. Cleared cache from app and on desktop computer, now it works as it should.

Thank you, my mistake for not clearing cache in the first place.


No problem. I did post about 2 hours after you reported it, could have cleared itself up n its own too.


@vedran.musica for best resutls, I have scheduled my devices to reboot every morning at 3:00 :slight_smile:


Now, THAT is a good solution for avoiding problems like I had. Thanks for idea!


Be careful if you have relays that are ACTIVE LOW, after the restart they will go ON :frowning: and you have to manually turn them off!


Thanks for warning… I have one or two, but those are used for lights, so no big issue there… Imagine to have one for watering plants… I can see flood in living room :smiley:


Yes, I used to have, bought from china site, and it was not listed as Active LOW, so it takes me like a month to figure it out why it is turning on…:slight_smile:


Hi @vedran.musica, it does look like we had a little server downtime this weekend so you likely ran into it when you made this original post. Glad to hear things are OK again, and please let me know if you see the same behavior moving forward.


So far, no problems. It lasted, for me, for some 2-3 hours, and after resetting the app, no problems of any kind. I’ll let you know if I get to problems :slight_smile: