Setting page


I want to have the settings page separate from the use with android or password protected


Hi again @mirkoelettronics,

We are going to be rolling out some more multi-user oriented features this year, starting with something that will allow you to share your dashboard with others without them being able to edit it, and ultimately building towards a more robust system of users / roles / permissions.

I’m not sure if we’ll have any password protection in the app, but the idea is that an authorized user would have access to your dashboard via their account, but only with a ‘viewer/read only’ type mode. Their account would of course be password protected as are all user accounts. Would this satisfy your use case do you think?


Hi, I would like separate page settings and pages, so you can not make involuntary mistakes while using the set features and at the same time a wider view without setting menus


The possibility to let someone (or even the public) to see some widgets and data, but not to act, edit or modify, would be very useful and very good to “spread” the word about Cayenne.


This is coming, first as a read-only ‘sharing’ feature, in an update fairly soon @gchiaretta, keep your eyes on our Announcements category for its release! :slight_smile: