Simple fleet management (Geolocation + speed limit + inside temperature limit)

About This Project

We wanted to create a simple fleet management which includes the minimal requirements for such a system : Geolocation, and speed limit. We added a temperature limit since we have an embedded temp sensor on the Sodaq Explorer (the board we used). We thought that this would be useful for example for pharmaceutical distribution use to monitor the temp inside the vehicle.
Of course, the system is not as accurate as real fleet systems, since we are using lora geolocation et simple math formula for the accelerometer.

What’s Connected

(Hardware, sensors, actuators, device model, WiFi, etc.)
For this project we used :

  • Sodaq explorer board

  • MPU9150 accelerometer

  • TheThingsNetwork

  • Collos for the geolocation

Triggers & Alerts

An alert is sent by default if the temp exceed 25°C .
An alert is sent by default if the speed exceed 40km/h


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Dashboard Screenshots

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Photos of the Project

You won’t be able to see the speed ting yet. (soon)


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excellent project @r.dresy. it will be great if you would also attach the code used for this and info on how to do it.

Hi shramik_salgaonkar,
Thank you.
Sure. I will make a full tutorial on how to do it soon.

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