Simulation Tool in the absence of Pi or Arduino


I’m very glad that I was brought by luck into this site few minutes ago and discovered the capability and robustness of this technology. Very timely that I am also planning to migrate to Raspberry Pi and just wondering if I could start exploring and begin studying or developing IoT solutions without the physical Pi or Arduino. Is there are development tool just like what microcontroller geeks, hobbyist are using such as Proteus Labcenter Simulation Software, where I can build my schematic on screen and simulate the output/result of the program? Procurement of Pi and support electronics e.q. sensors and indicators is still under schedule. Should have been great starting studying Cayenne and Pi while still underbudget.


I don’t know of any good schematic simulators, but if you find one please share as I’m also interested. As far as using Cayenne without a device, sure you can do that. See the documentation here.