SMS alerts dead?!

We tried the Online/Offline notification via sms format that you gave but it does not notify us, the same with email notification it does not work as well. And the ran time counter are still 0.

But wait there’s more! Before the update, the sms and email feature are working compared to the latest update.


The same with email notification it does not send any notification.

same here nor SMS or email notification does work :frowning:

How often is the SMS sent? I am using LoRa connected to TTN and set it to continuously send a stream of data all higher than the threshold value and I only receive one text message. Tried running a second time and no text messages sent.

Update: the messages and emails were sent an hour later after sending data to Cayenne. but it didn’t spam my inbox even when I send streams of data. I am just curious how often do we get notifications? was it meant to be like this? Thanks!

Also have found triggers not sending email or SMS where has previously worked fine.

Hello Sir,
I want to ask you how to edit the content of notiffication message that send to my phone number sir?
Thank you sir

you cannot edit the content of the message.