SMS not working in actions


Hi guys. I am not able to get the SMS feature in actions to work… Email is fine though.

Is there a bug ?


Hi @mathewbrooks86,

I’m not aware of any issue on our end with SMS notifications, a simple test just send one along with the email when expected for me.

Could I ask if you’re outside of the US/Canada? We did have a user in Thailand once who had some trouble with this until the number format was set to such a way that it was link an international dial from the USA.



I’m actually in he U.K.
Should I change the code to +44 ?


Yes I would try that…let us know if that fixes it?



All sorted guys, I needed to put +44 for the uk code

Thanks again



thank you for getting back to us! And…good for us to know when future users have issues similar.




I’m going to log something for us to add a message in the dialog here, we can’t assume that the world revolves around the USA :us:


You mean Trumplandia? What is this United States you speak of?




To be fair, :maple_leaf: uses the same dialing system too. So we are guilty of North American-centrism



Apparently we can’t escape you. We need to install a splatter shield along the border…

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: