Synchronised Time of Graphs on dashboard

As some may have noticed I am having a play with Cayenne, I know there is stuff to be released due to the MQTT migration. Which is good as well MQTT has made adding sensors easy.

Anyway Background
Here is my play area Project Dash, I’ll not change it for a while.
(If I’m right that’s how you can have a look).
It’s all coming from two Raspberry Pi. (one FishTankPi is just two DS18B20 measuring a fish tank, you can safely ignore them for this discussion, or perhaps not…)

The other play thing Pi
BME680, SDS021, DS18B20, (it had an EnviropHAT removed, so I lost LUX),
That is when I noticed.

The graphs are out of sync,
you cannot easily see if there is a problem (sensor down, like the lux)
for the instance of time interval difference, they may be slightly out of phase. E,g, my Particle sensors will update a lot less frequently than the temp sensors.

So would it be possible to synchronise the x-axis (time) endpoint of the graph to ‘now time’ and also synchronise the start point too (past 3 hours, past day etc)?

Master Sensors - so all the others can follow that ‘time’
Sensor Groups - so you can set a group to work on the same time periods.

I hope you get the idea, this would give quick graph axis changing and you wouldn’t need to go through them all one by one, which would be an upside.

This way I would see that the LUX sensor actually has no more data.
Or if the Particle Sensor was updated every hour, it would still line up with all the other data and I would see it hadn’t been updated yet.

Other thoughts.
This may be a bug in the period selection.
e.g. Last 24hrs, should give the last 24hours, not the last 24hours since the last data for that sensor was received.

you can check the time of arrival and difference in the data tab of the dashboard. there might some delay in arrival of the packer but a huge difference can due to the code you are using to send the data.

we have option for this on top of each line chart for last 10 minutes, 60 minute, 24 hours, 7 days, 1month.

the sensors which not sending any data will only have the time which they last send the data, while rest all be in sync.

if there is no data received for last 24hour then whats the point showing it in line chart? this can let you know whether the sensor is sending or not.

i hope i have cleard your points, if anything missing let me know.

That’s why I say have the option for syncronising them
If I select the last 24 hours, I would assume the last 24 hours from Real Time, **not the **last bit of data sent.

Hence you don’t see if a sensor has stopped working as it is showing data.

and it solves the problem of say a sensor being updated every day or hour, to ones every 15 mins. Here they can be out by 45mins, and the graphs are all skewed, especially on lower periods.

So hence my Suggestion of Syncronised or at the least a correct Last xx (time unit) in Real Time.


Thanks for suggesting this. We will take into consideration the following.