"top" and Cayenne do not agree on RPi CPU usage if Android is (or has been) connected

Samsung G5 running Android 5.1.1, RPi model B running Jessie

This needs further testing on my part, but what I seem to be seeing is this:

  • top (via ssh) and the web client agree on CPU usage if the Android client is not running
  • when the Android client connects, both it and the web client report almost constant 100% CPU usage, but top disagrees
  • if the Android client then disconnects, the web client dashboard continues to report frequent 100% CPU usage, in disagreement with top
  • Reloading the web dashboard after the Android client disconnects appears to re-syncs agreement between the web dash and top


This appears similar to the issue I am seeing, but in my case with both connected top is reporting no free CPU %.

As soon as I kill the android client, top says there’s free CPU.

I am seeing a discrepancy in the web dashboard with relation to utilization, when it the only thing running, but I assumed that to be related to polling time and CPU fluctuations.