Trigger not functioning


Triggers that were working a 10 days ago (20 January 2018) are no longer functioning.
A new trigger (if light low, then LED on) also does not function, even though the changing light value is visible on the dashboard and the LED can be turned on and off using the dashboard.
Are others have similar problems ?

Using ESP8266 NodeMCU with Cayenne on Windows 10



purtroppo anche io ho questo problema con il Nodemcu. Si risolverà?


i have had the same trouble, i use nodeMcu and i cant get a light to turn on if temp is above 70.


Yes there are currently some issues with triggers but they are being worked on and fix should be released in a week or two.

Trigger sms not working currently can you check on it

benissimo, allora aspettiamo :grinning: