Trigger when RaspberryPi starts up

I am using a Pi 3 and have a trigger set to turn a relay ON when the device is online. This was my thought to have in place so the relay is always on in case the Pi reboots or power failure.

The trigger never fires however based on Pi Online state. All of my other triggers are working fine it seems.



Hi Adam,

Is your Pi connected by the Raspberry Pi agent software or via MQTT? We’ve had occasional issues with non-firing or delayed MQTT triggers that we’re still sorting out – I ran a test with the Pi agent and this seemed to work OK.

If you are connected with the agent – could you try changing your ‘then’ action for the trigger to email you as a sanity test? The idea being to eliminate anything about the relay itself (wiring, connection to Cayenne) and create a baseline to see if the trigger even fires at all when your Pi comes back to an online state.

I am using the Raspberry Pi agent. Good idea for troubleshooting, i will
have it email me and see if that works.

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Email notification is working when device comes online. I also noticed a couple other relay triggers that are also not working now. I have a temperature trigger that has not fired in a couple days that is well below the thresholds.

Hi @walters

Has the triggers improved since you first made this post? I ask because we’ve made various updates recently.