Triggers and Notification not working

Nano + ESP8266

The triggers and notification are not working for me. When my board goes offline, there is no warning shown on the dashboard indicating that my board is disconnected.

there is a bug with triggers right now.

i am getting an offline notification on my dashboard. are you not getting this??

Yes, I’m not getting an offline notification

but when it is online are you able to use cayenne dashboard?

Yes, I tried switching on an led and it works

@bestes @jcruz1 tagging for this new bug.

Hi @noname01,

Just to clarify, your device is going offline, but the dashboard does not show the “Offline” message on top? How do you know it’s offline?

If possible, please provide some screenshots of what you’re seeing, so we can look into this.


Thanks @shramik_salgaonkar !


It’s already working, I just remove and add the device, it shows “Offline” when i disconnect the board