Triggers failing on Notify (Text and Email)


garagetemp and freezertemp - their names were renamed in the settings. the sensors were auto added by the agent. same results previous to them being renamed.


delete all the previous trigger related to this device and add new one, give it a try and let me know.


same result.


can you share a screenshot of the trigger so i can get it to the team.


Hi, Shramik salgaonkar,

After monitoring for 2 days, the same problems still happens again.
Trigger counters running but no sms and email notification to my phone.
There is an additional problem, my motion sensor activates upon sensing motion but output to β€œhall fan 2” is not turn on and no trigger/notification.
Please help and advise. Thanks.

Best regards,
Kok Keong


there is some bug in trigger engine currently and team is working on it.