Triggers not working Please assist


Good day

I am using a raspberry Pi 2B and 3B+ on windows interface.

Yes i know this topic have been mentioned but i would like to ask again. None of my triggers are working is there a fix can someone help me please.

I have a project i need to poc and are quite desperate.



Hi @nel.danie586:

Can you test again? It seems we had a problem for a moment, but I have it working on my end now.


Hi Acedeno

I Have reinstalled Pi 2B working but on Pi 3B+ non of the dashbord is working now. Not interactive items not working and triggers not working


can you try again with a fresh install of raspbian.


Did a fresh install all working. but i get ger some reason false triggers on pir, iets like pull down to 0 not working


try to place your PIR inside a box so it does not detect an random movement. If it still does not change the state to off then try changing the PIR.



It changes to off but one every 60 mins you can say it will give a false trigger in a locked room.


i did not understand what you are try say. can you provide more detail?