TTN and Cayenne MyDevice integration


I am trying to integrate my ttn device with the cayenne mydevice portal.

I have a Adeunis Motion device that is connected to TTN correctly. I am able to see the messages on the TTN console.

I have set a an integration with mydevice at the TTN application level.

The integration process is at “running” status on the TTN console.

I have created the device on the Mydevice portal side as well with the following information:

  • Device name : Adeunis Smart Building MOTION LoRaWAN
  • DevEUI : 0018B260000000B9
  • Network: The Things Network

At the mydevice console, i have the device located on the map, SSR and RSSI values but no data visible. :thinking:

What should I do to make the data visible ?

Thanks in advance for your help. :slight_smile:

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can you share the sensor data payload received on the TTN console.

hello shramik

thank you for your help.

exemple of a message payload:


and decoded with Adeunis decoder

“decodingInfo”: “values: [t=0, t-1, t-2, …]”,
“luminosity”: {
“unit”: “%”,
“values”: [
“presence”: {
“unit”: “%”,
“values”: [
“presenceDetectedWhenSending”: false,
“status”: {
“configurationDone”: false,
“configurationInconsistency”: false,
“frameCounter”: 0,
“hardwareError”: false,
“lowBattery”: false
“type”: “0x5c Motion data”

Is it what you are looking for ?



@jglalanne we made some changes, can you delete the device, wait for some time and add it again.

Very cool. It works perfectly now ! :slight_smile:

thank you very much


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