Seeing data from Adeunis Field Test device on TTN


I have an Adeunis Field Test Device (FTD) registered operating on The Things Network (TTN).
I can see that it is connected and to TTN via the gateway and I can see its data on the TTN Console.

However, no data is showing up on the myDevices dashboard.

I have confirmed the DevEUI (copied and pasted from TTN Console to the myDevices Dashboard).

Any thoughts on what else might be preventing the data from being viewed on the myDevices dashboard?


Hi @alanb,

Did you make sure to select Cayenne in your Integration settings for your Application?
Can you also send me the DevEui?



Hi Jesse,

In answer to your first question re selecting Cayenne into the integration settings for the device, are you referring to doing so on the TTN Console? (I didn’t see, or missed that selection if it’s there in TTT? Or are you referring to some selection on the myDevices dashboard?)

Re your second question:

Here’s what I have on the TTN Console for the Adeunis FTD:

From the TTN Console:

The DevEUI for the FTD is:

00 18 B2 00 00 00 1A 8D

The AppEUI for the FTD is:

70 B3 D5 7E D0 00 AF

The Device Address is:

26 02 2A 62

I’m on west coast time too, if you want to go through this live via phone etc.




Hi @alanb,

Please refer to this link:

Basically, on TTN, you must tell it to forward the LoRa data to a specific Application Server. In this case, you want TTN to forward the data to Cayenne. The above instructions will walk you through it. Please give it a try & see if it works for you.



Hello sir I have a problem with spv c550 window


Hi @shegsytech20101,
Can you be more specific as to what device you’re using and what issues you’re having?
Is “SPV C550” a LoRa device?