Workshop show room


We have seen projects, codes and other thinkering with our devices, but we have not seen places where all that happens. Post your workshop, work corners, dinnig tables setup :smile: images.
I can start… with my weather station work in progress on the table

Hydroponics project with Rpi PH EC and the works (In progress)

I love it @Agroelektronik ! Here is my messy setup :yum:


@adam @kreggly @vapor83 @tad.dvor @shramiksalgaonkar @ebtenorio @Neoxelox @wmontg5988 @wj4me @laurencehr @Sven @spacefolder @sin-in-cyn36 @SuperNinja @vedran.musica @usmcwarmachine @lmjhe2009 @jcruz @croczey @asanchezdelc @Ian @richlansdowne @arduinobasics1 @brendon.walters tagging you guys…I feel like you may have some good setups :slight_smile:


Here is my very messy setup. :grinning:

And under the table is my oscilloscope. :grinning:


Took this last night :slight_smile:


This is my setup this evening where I build on my greenhouse project that will be ready for spring :smirk:


organized disaster… lol Needs to be cleaned up.


hah, my current “dining table” (with a missus that is not 100% convinced! haha)
Constantly thrown into boxes and then thrown back on the table for work, with a small set up on my computer table opposite.

Currently on the go, a water tank level sensor project for a friend, an HRV system which also does intelligent vege garden watering, and will do automated LED with PIR sensing when i can be bothered, and a RAMPS 1.4 replacement for a 3d printer with a broken main board


I’m not convinced that my setup is good nor cool, but at the moment I’m in process of buying new flat, where I’ll make new, far better setup, with better servers positioning, far better workplace arrangement, and the thing I’ll do my best for, much better lightning. Current one is… decent.


Here my happy bazaar ! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hi @tpangburn,
I had that Amscope SE-400 microscope previously. Great scope for the price!


With newly arrived stock and brown inspiration. Not on the picture is my Lego style work method; search, cut, paste, trial, error and redo. Will EEprom ever wear out I wonder? So far no soldering…


Happy to see that you like the topic.
I see that we have some serious thinkering labs out there.


Yeah it doesn’t do too bad for the price it gets the job done.


Forgot to include my CNC and my circuit board oven. lol That about completes my maker space.


My current (messy) setup:

Real command & project center:

And three drawers full of wires, tools, components, power supplies, and other misc hardware :slight_smile:


well much cleaner than mine. :slight_smile:



I don’t know if I want to show mine. Looks like an A-Bomb went off.




Lol know how you feel I wasn’t sure if I should show mine either.



When moving, and brewing, and tech collide :stuck_out_tongue: