I haven’t found any post about zwave usb sticks or zwave menu/compatibility.
do you plan on connecting to zwave in the future?


Hey @mase.hacker,

Welcome to the Cayenne community! Yes, we do plan to connect to various other communication protocols, including z-wave and LoRa. This is farther out on the road map though. We’re pretty deep into getting Arduino integration out the door presently, then allowing for custom code to be inserted into Cayenne as well as opening up the API.



Hi @bestes, any update on Zwave usb sticks support?



Hey @jgraue,

We will be releasing an MQTT API very soon, and I think that we could do a zwave gateway sending data to Cayenne through the MQTT API. Would you want to explore creating a zwave project / solution using Cayenne’s MQTT API and z-wave sensors? This has not been done yet with Cayenne so I am VERY interested in working on this with you. Are you familiar with MQTT?