Zwave USB stick support

Mostly interested in start up an IOT project based solely on sensors/actuators connected through zwave.

I would love to explore this with you, as I’m very interested in getting some z-wave or zigbee functionality inside Cayenne. What are you think of using as your z-wave gateway? Any specific use case your were thinking for your project?


Hi bestes, thanks for your quick response.
I am planning to use the Raspberry Pi as a “concentrator” for sensors and actuators, where this can be wired to the GPIO and/or accessed through a ZWAVE USB Stick.
So the RPi would be the zwave gateway (through the Stick) and also the main brain for the IoT solution.
Will try to post an image so to be more clear.

I would love to continue this topic giving you more details if you want and help you in any way to have Cayenne supporting Zwave.


Just stumbled across myDevices Cayenne and working to learn more. Some time back I purchased a RasPi to use at my boat & RV storage facility. I want to replace my very old DOS run access entry board allowing my customers to open the gate using a keychain remote opener with a Smart Phone App. I am currently testing a Vera Edge with a Z Wave relay switch on a garage door opener and it works great.
At some point I am interested in using the RasPi with this Z Wave relay vs the Vera Edge but I need
To have be able to have Admin and User logons, passwords set to different priveledges.
Want to also use the Z Wave stick in the RasPi to connect to IP Cameras and motion sensors.