ZANE zTrack not display

Hi guys,

We’re having some trouble getting the ZANE zTrack tube to display correct information in Cayenne.
Our network server is Kerlink’s WMC.

Is there anyone that could give us a hand with this?

what is the exact issue you are facing.

Hi Shramik,

We’re trying to use the ZANE zTrack Tube to test the range of a Kerlink Gateway.
This GPS tracker is supposed to show the locations on the map of where it recorded the coordinates, with additional information such as RSSI and SNR.

Right now we have 2 problems:

  1. there’s no GPS coordinates
  2. Almost none of the uplinks are being displayed in Cayenne. It’s active for more than 7 days, and sending hundreds of uplinks into our WMC platform, but nothing is being displayed in Cayenne.

I’ve attached some screenshots.

can you private message me your DevEUI.