Zenner ZEN-RWM1 smoke detector

I just bought a smoke detector of the Zenner company and tried to register it with Cayenne. unfortunately it is not found. Zenner has a lot of LoRa devices in stock, but is not listed in Cayenne. I wonder why ?

You can drop a query for Zenner to register their device to cayenne and we will add them to our supported device list.

Zenner isn’t very helpful, but I found a link to analyze the payload of the detector here:

They also offer a Decoder for TTN:

Getting a test payload seems to be more difficult, as it very rarely sends data.
How can we continue to make it run here ?

Sorry, but we cannot add it.

Can you tell me why? That cozld prevent others from buying a useless LoRa device.


Unfortunately I bought 3 at once. If I understand our partner correctly, only the maintenance of the devices can be carried out via Lora, but no alarm messages