A few questions

Hi guy´s

Using windows 10, and i have a 2 basic questions

  1. When you enter a device sometimes it “hangs” saying conflict… now with A84041000181DC97
  2. When making a new project, some of the widgets will not be placed/displayes on the new project, you actually need to reinstall the device to be able to place fx. battery in the project… why???
    And then we are back to item nr 1:

Now considering conflict- there is none, the system thinks it is… probably because i deleted the former device, but for how long does it “cling” to this old DEVEUI???



You can only have 1 DEVEUI active at a time. You must delete the device and readd it for the new one to work.

this device is registered to cayenne and sending data, hence you are getting the conflict issue,

Yes it is now :-), cayenne released the DEVEUI an hr later to when i wrote the message

Tahnk you