Arduino and rpi3 offline


Had the arduino stateside and the rpi3 in the Philippines were powered down for some time. Now powered up they went online for a short time and now refuse to appear online on dashboard or iOS app. The rpi3 overseas shows associated with the router and the arduino is showing rx tx flashing. My uno was powered up and has stayed online.



Is it possible the new network in the Philippines has restrictions on port usage? The Cayenne Pi Agent needs port 8181 to be open, and the Arduino software needs 8442.

Here is a post on how to test for Raspberry Pi:

and for Arduino:


When I was working in China, I was SSHing out on multiple ports, only to have the port I used blocked about an hour later.

I was enjoying the game. Would sure like to be able to change the port, or use some sort of intermediate server.




The fiber optic modem router won’t even let me connect an ap router. Service tech will be there Tuesday, hopefully the daughter can explain things.

Edit: just got the mega to play after resetting modem and switching Ethernet directly to the modem. Thru all this the uno never went offline.