Bug Filed on 08-29-2016: Rebooting to fast causes multiple reboots

This is more of a nuisance more than anything, however when I initiate my daily reboot (let’s not argue if that is to frequent right now) at 10:15 pm my PI comes back online by about 10:15:45 and goes immediately into a 2nd reboot cycle

Suggestion 1 : - Allow the event trigger to be HH:MM:SS so choosing 10:14:30 can be the reboot time, guaranteeing it comes back online post the trigger time

Suggestion 2 : - checking the up-time before allowing the reboot cycle to commence, assume that if its been up for less than 60 seconds to ignore the event

HI @ddoumani,

I can reproduce this with a reboot trigger on my test Pi’s. In my opinion, this is a bug (even if just a nuisance), since I imagine any reasonable person would expect only a single reboot here.

I’ll log it with our Dev team, thanks for letting us know and offering some good suggestions on how to fix.

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