Cannot get into my account on my mobile but can on laptop

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    I got a new E-mail account and managed to set up my ESP project on my Windows Laptop. However when I try to approach my account through my mobile phone ( Android)
    I get constantly “server error”
    Pls help
    John Ostendorf

can you try reseting your password Log in to Cayenne and then try again with the new password.

I have ( when using my laptop) a new E-mail address with a new PW.
When I try to approach ( log in) to my account with my mobile phone I only get the message
“server error” , whatever I try.

if you are comfortably sharing your credentials with me, can you private message me them. I will test it at my end and see what is the issue here.

dont share the credentials in public chat.

Sorry but I do not know how to private message you. Anyway i tried your new password on my laptop and that works, but with my mobile the situation is stil the same “server error”
when i try to log in with my new E-mail and your password

okay let me check. do not change the password. need it debug the issue.

Does it help if I tell you that on my account , visible on Cayenne community still the old information is displayed, including old E-mail?

it should be visible only to you and me.

That is not the reason why I mention it to you. Reason was that it might explain the problem.
also this data should be changed to the new E-mail which I have not been able to do How to get the conflicting data in line. It could have an impact on the problem of not being able to log in with my mobile. Sorry to throw al this info, I just try to help


And please use for communmicating my new E-mail


we are looking into this issue.

Hi, Shramik, any news or progress?

Hi Shramik,

Are the problems that complicated that you cannot find some time to respond?
It would be nice if we could record some progression. My confidence in Cayenne is not rising in this way.


sorry, just slipped of my mind about your issue. will update you once i get any lead on this.

Hi, Shramik , any news?

i tried to find the cause but did not get anything. if is okay i delete your account and re-add, though you will loose all your data.

Hi shramik
I thought that I responded already through E-mail, but it does’nt show here.
I agree with your suggestion. But make sure you set the new account up with my new e-Mail, otherwise it will not work, My old E-mail will be deleted soon.
Suppose you send me a link to my new E-mail address with the data to enter the new account

you can create a new account here