Cayenne LoRa Trouble Shooting Guide

1. Make sure the device is properly activated in the Network Server
DevEUI, AppEUI/AppKey (OTAA), AppSKey/NwkSKey (ABP), and eventually DevAddr, all must match between the device configuration and the network activation.

2. Check the device battery

3. Make sure the device is emitting and working properly
Please check for the device documentation to debug any light on the device itself. Some of them are blinking (either red or green) until they joined the network, and they usually blink with each frame sent.

4. Check the network server logs
Most of Network Server UI provide a way to see uplink frames, allowing to debug that the device is properly connected to the network server.

5. Reset the device
Remove the battery and put it back to force re-joining the network.

6. Make sure the forwarding or routing profile to Cayenne is well configured
This is done on the Network Server configuration. Check Cayenne documentation for more information and some hints.

7. Make sure you selected the right Network in Cayenne
For each device added, we expect to receive data from the selected network server.

8. Compare value displayed in Cayenne with expected data
At this point, seeing RSSI/SNR properly updated but no other value means we are receiving from the network data but something is wrong in the payload decoding.

9. Send support request through the Cayenne forums
We’ll check that we are properly receiving data. Please also mention all details that could help us assist you:

  • DevEUI
  • LoRa Network used
  • Device model and version
  • Cayenne account
  • Expected data to be displayed
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