Error Message 'Could not add Lora device'


Has anyone encountered error message ‘Could not add Lora device’ after selecting ‘Microchip LoRa ExpLoRer, by SODAQ Arduino development node’ ? I am trying to add a Microchip LoRa ExpLoRer, by SODAQ onto Cayenne from TTN but failed to do so. I am able to join TTN and send packets of data…


Hi @josephkang1005, can you confirm you’ve been through the steps 1-5 at before attempting to add the device to Cayenne? And double check that you have the correct DevEUI entered into the Cayenne UI?


Thanks for the reply. For some reason, I was still able to join via otaa and the message just disappeared without changing any of the settings. Issue resolved.


Glad to hear it. If it returns, or you run into other issues/questions, you know where to find us :slight_smile:


Thought I would update with a bit more information after discussing this internally. It sounds like there is a small bug right now where that ‘Could not add LoRa Device’ message can display even though the device has been added to the dashboard successfully. In this case it will appear after a browser refresh (or logout/login). I’m guessing this is what you ran into, and it was a successful add the whole time despite the error message.


Thanks…this feedback is helpful as will be adding more devices and will also advise my colleagues on this.


Thanks for understanding. We should have the error squashed and out of the Cayenne UI soon.


I am also having problem adding on the Sodaq ExpLoRer boards. Tried to logout and login but the dashboard does not appear. I can see that TTN is receiving the packets.