Comunication between Haxiot Arduino Shield and Cayenne


I am having a issue when I try to comunicate my Haxiot Arduino Shield that is from LoRa technology
with Cayenne,
the information can not be displayed and I have followed the format of the payload.
The docs say that when I have already registered my Loriot device I will be able to visualize the
gadgets, but that´s no happening, Could somebody help me?
I attach a image .

Thanks so much.


Hi @upiitech,

I apologize for the delay in our response on this issue. I’m tagging our LoRa expert @croczey here who should have a better idea of what troubleshooting steps to try here. And so I can learn from him and help the next person :slight_smile:


Very interested to see you get this working @upiitech :slight_smile: … we have Haxiot shields that we have connected too! @croczey should be able to do some troubleshooting with you. Keep us updated with your project! and if you could, submit it to our ‘Projects Made with Cayenne’ category. There’s also a worldwide project contest happening in partnership with Arduino, get some LoRa technology submitted to the contest would be spectacular and for sure would be a winning contender!



Hey @upiitech!

I’m happy to help you troubleshoot the issues you are having with the HaxIoT shield.

I need some more info from you…can you please give me the following info/answer the following questions:

  • DevEUI of the device
  • Screen shot or snippet of the Arduino serial output
  • Can you confirm that the data is being received by the Loriot network? You should see packet information in the Loriot portal.
  • What Loriot server are you using? (US, EU, etc)
  • Finally, can you please send me the code that you uploaded to your Arduino, I’ll use this to confirm that the packet dat is being sent properly

Thank you!